-80 ℃ cryogenic treatment – ultra low temperature cold assembly box maintenance

The maintenance method of cryogenic treatment is the same as that of industrial freezers such as kit freezer, kit freezer and metal freezer. Cryogenic treatment at – 80 ℃ is mainly used for industrial cold treatment. The precipitation of uniform, fine and dispersed carbonaceous materials produced on the metal structure matrix structure will significantly improve the wear resistance and friction performance of metals, and the hardness will also increase Improve the life of wear parts.

After receiving the – 80 ℃ cryogenic treatment of Wuxi Guanya, it needs to be placed in a flat position. I believe it is needless to say that we all know that the other place must be cool and ventilated. There is no heating product around. The high temperature environment is easy to affect the operation of the equipment and cause failure.

The new machine or the – 80 ℃ cryogenic treatment after handling and moving needs to stand for about two hours. After starting up, it still needs to run empty for a period of time, and then shut down and wait for about 5 minutes, so as to prevent the compressor from being burnt out.

In addition, the – 80 ℃ cryogenic treatment should be cleaned at least once every two months. Before cleaning, the power supply should be cut off, and all the items in the cabinet should be taken out. Take care not to damage the – 80 ℃ cryogenic treatment. Because the price of – 80 ℃ cryogenic treatment is relatively expensive, we must take good care of it to make it more valuable.

-The 80 ℃ cryogenic treatment is used in large-scale industry. Different industries have different sizes. Therefore, we should pay attention to the size when purchasing, and do not select the unsuitable size for bearing freezing. The general indicators are: ① loading capacity; ② tank size: length, width and height; ③ time for cooling to the target value under full load.

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