Advantages of refrigerator separator

How to separate the screen glass cover plate and the screen middle frame more conveniently and quickly is a technical problem that has been puzzling most of the mobile phone maintenance peers, and following the development of the mobile phone screen, there are gradually new devices to separate the screen. Up to now, there are probably three separation methods: heating separator (manual and semi-automatic), freezing refrigerator separator and laser screen remover. Today, Xiaobian will tell you about these ways of separation to see which one is most suitable for you!

The heating separator is the earliest and has a long application time. However, when it is used, the damage rate of the heating separator is relatively high. Especially for the manual heating separator, the heating temperature of the workbench should be well controlled to avoid damaging the backlight of the mobile screen. The heating separator is not easy to separate the mobile phone screen with a large degree of damage. When separating, it needs to use adhesive tape to glue the damaged screen well, so as to avoid the insufficient air absorption caused by the separation and the screen can not be fixed.

At this time, someone will say, how about using the most common glue? The biggest disadvantage of the separation method is that the main board and backlight are easy to enter the liquid, so the separation method of the glue and the technology requirements are very high.
Let’s talk about refrigerated refrigerator separator. The appearance of refrigerated separator can bring good news to curved screen. The freezing separator uses the OCA glue in the ultra-low temperature environment, the activity of the glue will disappear and become non sticky, so it is very easy to remove the screen at this time. For those who have a large number of curved screens to repair, the refrigerator separation opportunity is a good choice.

Then, the next step is the laser screen remover. The laser machine was applied to the mobile screen maintenance in the second half of 2018. The principle used is laser marking machine. After the laser passes through the glass and melts the glue, the screen can be easily separated with the help of the blade, and the screen can be removed without any contact, without damaging the screen or removing the machine, which greatly improves the working efficiency, greatly reduces the damage rate, and does not need any consumables. It can be said that it is a great artifact for screen removal. The laser screen remover has not been in the market for a long time, and it still needs continuous progress in technology to meet the needs of maintenance personnel. However, if the laser screen remover is used properly, it will bring great benefits to the screen maintenance of mobile phones.

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