Cold assembled stern tube bearing

Stern tube bearing is a very important technology in ship power system. Its installation technology is directly related to the safety performance of ship operation. The use of dry and cold assembly technology can control the clearance of bearings, reduce the wear of related parts, and extend the service life of main parts. At the same time, the use of industrial refrigerator cooling method to complete the cold assembly of ships has high efficiency.
Principles of application

The industrial refrigerator is used to rapidly cool down and instantly expand and shrink the ship’s objects. In the installation process of the small ship’s non-metallic material bearing, the contained parts will be cooled to shrink and the size will be reduced, and then they will be assembled immediately. After returning to the normal temperature, they will form an interference fit with the matched parts.

Usage method
Cold assembling method of stern tube bearing of large ship and accurate operation of the device
Cold assembled stern tube bearing
Turn on the power switch of the industrial refrigerator, put the stern tube bearing into the industrial refrigerator and start it. After 45 minutes, it can reach – 150 ℃.
When the cold shrink size requirements are met, pull out the stern tube bearing and install it into the stern tube to complete the cold assembly of the stern tube bearing and the stern tube.

Take out the bearing with special tools and measure the outer diameter with calipers, then the Kun bearing and bolt can be easily and accurately transferred into the stern tube or flange bolt hole. After the temperature is restored to the room temperature, the installation process can be completed and subsequent work can be carried out. For example, the bearing inner hole can be processed according to the drawing requirements

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