Cold Assembly Box

The assembly of cold assembly box is a kind of assembly method which uses refrigeration medium to cool the parts which need to be put into the base hole first, so as to reduce the overall size of the parts, so as to produce the assembly gap, so as to facilitate the easy assembly of parts.
The cold assembly box adopts microcomputer intelligent electronic temperature controller, electronic digital display temperature control, temperature digital adjustment setting, digital display, compressor cascade refrigeration, all copper pipeline tight leak proof, excellent performance, reliable and durable. Equipped with mobile casters, easy to use. Cold assembly box is composed of air turbine refrigerator and low temperature box. The air turbine refrigerator adopts turbo expansion technology. The refrigeration medium and power source are compressed air, which can produce low-temperature cold air flow from – 10 ℃ to – 150 ℃ to deliver cold air to the low-temperature box.
The cold assembly box adopts industrial cascade compressor, fluorine-free environmental protection refrigerant, and intelligent digital temperature control meter can monitor the temperature in the box in real time. The series is divided into horizontal (top lift door) and vertical (side sliding door), which can provide dozens of products with different temperature and volume for customers to choose. This series of cold assembly box can be used only by connecting the power supply, without any other peripheral equipment, no wearing parts and consumables, safe and reliable, and low cost.

Advantages of cold box:
1. It has the limit of low temperature, the temperature can reach – 150 ℃, which can greatly meet the temperature requirements of cold assembly process.
2. The new intelligent temperature control system can set the required temperature parameters, cooling speed and holding time according to the process requirements, and has the function of process recording and remote monitoring.
3. The equipment adopts advanced compressor cascade refrigeration technology and unique cold air circulation system to make full use of cold energy to cool the workpiece evenly, stably and rapidly.
4. Can be designed according to customer requirements of automatic feeding and unloading system, reduce labor intensity of workers, reduce operational risk.

Application range of cold assembly box:
It is mainly used in industrial cold treatment to precipitate the homogeneous, fine and dispersed carbonized matter produced on the metal structure matrix. The precipitation of the carbide will improve the wear resistance and friction performance of the metal significantly, and the hardness will also increase, which will directly increase the life of the wear parts. An ideal alternative to liquid nitrogen.
It is widely used in precision mechanical assembly. It is used in ultra-low temperature test of large-scale equipment (automobile, large-scale construction machinery, aircraft parts, aerospace equipment components, military equipment components).

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