Cryogenic processing industrial refrigerator

The inner wall of low temperature box of industrial refrigerator is made of stainless steel, and the temperature is controlled by intelligent instrument. The system structure is simple, the parts are arranged compactly, and the operation is intuitive and simple. The cryogenic treatment equipment will continue the cooling process of quenched metal materials to achieve a certain temperature of remote room temperature, so as to improve the performance of metal materials. Cryogenic processing technology is a new technology to improve the properties of metal materials, which is the most effective and economic technology. In the process of cryogenic treatment, a large amount of retained austenite transforms martensite, especially supersaturated metastable martensite, from – 196 ℃ to room temperature, which will reduce the saturation, precipitate and disperse, and reduce the micro profit. Fine and dispersed carbides can hinder dislocation movement during material deformation, thus strengthening the matrix structure. At the same time, the ultra-fine carbonization plays a role of grain boundary strengthening, which improves the properties of tools and dies, and significantly improves the hardness, impact toughness and wear resistance.

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