Cryogenic treatment process of mold conventional heat treatment

1.1040°C quenching and 580°C twice tempering, deep cooling (-196°C×24h), 150Cx30min tempering, nitriding

2.1040°C quenching and 590°C twice tempering, deep cooling (-196°C×24h), 100°Cx3omin tempering, nitriding. Two sets of molds for cryogenic treatment were used in another aluminum profile factory, and the production volume reached 9.2 tons per set. Calculated according to the quality standard of 0.1mm deviation of the produced profile wall thickness, generally only 4-5 tons of aluminum profile can be produced. Two sets of molds after cryogenic treatment have exceeded the above-mentioned output level. The quality of the drawn profile products is excellent, which is mainly manifested in the high finish of the profile and good cross-sectional uniformity. The experimental results basically indicate that according to the cryogenic treatment process (1), processing the H13 steel and aluminum profile hot extrusion die can increase the service life by 40% the above.

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