Cryogenic treatment technology

Technical index

  • Temperature control range: – 250 ~ – 5 ℃
  • Cooling rate: 100 ℃ / h
  • Temperature uniformity: ± 0.5 ℃
  • Control mode: temperature control intelligent instrument, automatic alarm after insulation
  • Equipment: horizontal type, well type, box type and cabinet type
  • Thermal insulation material: special thermal insulation material for aerospace
  • Inner wall of low temperature box: stainless steel
  • Power supply: 360V

Application of cryogenic technology

  • The service life of high speed steel and carbide cutting tools, cutting tools and measuring tools is improved
  • The wear resistance and service life of nozzle, spring, gear and bearing are improved
  • The service life of hot working die and cold working die is increased and the dimension is stable
  • Improvement of properties of diamond products
  • The size of assembly parts of precision machinery is stable
  • Improvement of service life of mine geological bit and steel sheet

Cryogenic treatment is a post heat treatment process in which the soft retained austenite is almost completely transformed into high-strength martensite, and the surface porosity and surface roughness can be reduced after the metal is treated at – 196 ℃. When this process is completed, not only the surface, but also the strength, wear resistance, toughness and other performance indexes of the whole metal can be increased As a result, the die and cutting tools still have high wear resistance and high strength after several times of renovation, and the service life is doubled. However, the life of knife and shear products without cryogenic treatment will be significantly reduced after renovation. Cryogenic treatment can not only be applied to knife and shear products, but also can be applied to the mold for making knife and shear products, which can also significantly improve the die life.

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