Freeze LCD separator refrigerator

Freeze separation of mobile screen is a new method of mobile touch screen separation. The optical glue of OCA glue loses its viscosity at low temperature through ultra-low temperature, so as to separate LCD from touch screen assembly (i.e. separate LCD from TP or cover plate), or peel TP or cover plate away to recover or renovate LCD or touch screen (touch panel) The touch screen separation method can be operated in batches, with high qualification rate and convenient operation. After separation, there is no damage to screen and cable arrangement.

Performance features of mobile screen freezer:

1. The mobile screen freezer has the limit of low temperature, as low as – 150 ℃, which fully meets the glue characteristic failure temperature;

2. Up to 95% of the qualified rate of splitting, the splitting efficiency of nearly one thousand pieces per hour, no damage to the screen and cable arrangement after the splitting of the workpiece;

3. The cost is about 0.3 yuan / piece (7-inch touch screen consumption);

4、 The intelligent control system can set the required temperature parameters, cooling speed and heat preservation time according to the process requirements, and has the function of process recording and remote monitoring. In the separation operation, it can effectively ensure the safety of the operator;

5. The advanced single machine cascade refrigeration technology and unique cold air circulation system make the touch screen cool down quickly and evenly, and achieve the goal of high efficiency and no damage separation.

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