Industrial refrigerator separate LCD

With the rapid development of LCD industry and the continuous updating of display technology, the waste of LCD screen is increasing year by year. In recent years, many research institutions at home and abroad have attached great importance to the recycling and reuse of various materials or parts in the waste LCD assembly, because the waste LCD contains recyclable materials and rare precious metal indium.

At present, there are three ways to disassemble the LCD by the manufacturers who recycle the LCD on the market:

first, separate the LCD assembly layer by layer through manual pulling wire technology after heating the LCD assembly, which may lead to incomplete glue separation. The LCD assembly is separated, but the glue is still left on a part of the assembly, which is difficult to remove. And It is very easy to damage the electronic components on the assembly, and with the development of technology, the assembly gradually transits from the straight screen to the curved screen, making it more and more difficult to remove the glue, and this heating method can not adapt to the separation technology;

secondly, the LCD assembly is separated by the refrigeration principle, but multi-level lamination is adopted, because of the development of technology, the chemical properties of glue, such as viscosity and low temperature resistance, are more and more High, the common refrigeration technology can not meet the separation requirements of LCD screen, using the conventional refrigeration method is not only a waste of time, but also a waste of energy, and the efficiency is low;

third, through the liquid nitrogen refrigeration to separate LCD screen assembly, the refrigeration temperature of this method is low enough, the refrigeration time is short, but the parts of LCD screen assembly are easy to break and damage failure at low and fast temperature, which can not be recovered In addition, liquid nitrogen is a kind of non recyclable refrigerant, which results in waste of resources.

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