Interference fit industrial freezer

The interference fit parts depend on the interference after the assembly of the parts to achieve the fastening connection. After assembly, due to the elasticity of the material, the pressure is generated between the mating surfaces, so there is a considerable joint friction force between the mating surfaces of the workroom to transfer the torsional short or axial force. Interference fit assembly is generally a fixed connection that can not be removed. Shrink fit parts are usually assembled by Interference fit industrial freezer.

  1. When freezing
    1) Calculation of freezing temperature T
    2) Choose Interference fit industrial freezer with suitable temperature
    3) Calculate freezing time
  2. Operators must wear labor protection articles, long sleeved clothes, long legged trousers, protective glasses, leather gloves and canvas foot cover
  3. When putting or taking out parts into Interference fit industrial freezer, use tools, clamp them with pliers or tie them with wire in advance. Do not use them directly
  4. The freezing time is calculated from the time when the parts are put into the Interference fit industrial freezer. There is strong crack “boiling” phenomenon at the initial stage of the part, which gradually weakens and disappears later. The temperature difference between the surface of the part and the Interference fit industrial freezer is very small, but it is not completely cooled when it is just stopped. It must be completely cooled according to the calculation time.
  5. After the parts are fully warmed and taken out, they shall be immediately installed into the hole of the containing part. The action should be quick and accurate. Attention shall be paid to the concentricity of the parts during clamping. No skew is allowed. The skew caused by installation shall be corrected. Only copper bar or wooden hammer is allowed to be used for knocking. If copper parts are used, wooden hammer shall be used.

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