Main advantages of cold assembly technology for industrial refrigerator

Cold assembly technology of industrial refrigerator is not only suitable for manual operation, but also can be used in assembly line

First, energy saving. This can be understood from two aspects. On the one hand, industrial refrigerators do not need any rare resources, only need to use electric energy. Therefore, the promotion of cold assembly technology of industrial refrigerators does not need additional energy consumption, while the “hot sleeve” assembly technology currently used in factories consumes a lot of energy; On the other hand, when the workpiece is cold assembled, the power consumption is not much (the actual power consumption for cooling the workpiece is related to the number of workpieces)

Second, the assembly efficiency is high. The cooling time of the workpiece in the industrial refrigerator is about several + seconds to a few minutes, plus the assembly time, the assembly efficiency is dozens of times higher than that of the “hot sleeve” assembly, or even up to 100 times. Moreover, this assembly technology is easy to operate and brings high economic benefits to manufacturers

Third, it is widely used. It is suitable for the assembly process of machine tools, automobiles, trains, tractors, airplanes, clocks, light industry, models and other industrial sectors. As long as there is interference fit, cold assembly technology can be used, and obvious economic and social benefits have been achieved

Fourth, the assembly accuracy is improved. Because the cold assembly technology avoids the phenomenon of shielding and extrusion in the assembly process, the geometry and installation position of the workpiece are not affected, thus improving the assembly accuracy of the workpiece. This assembly technology is especially suitable for precision machinery industry, such as clock, instrument manufacturing, etc

Fifth, no environmental pollution. Because industrial refrigerators only use electric energy, they are safe and reliable in use, and there will be no gas and other pollution during the assembly process.

It must be pointed out that in the process of cold assembly, frostbite on hands, feet and other parts should be strictly prevented. Therefore, strict production process should be formulated. Workers should wear protective clothing, labor shoes, asbestos gloves and protective glasses.

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