Mechanical cold assembly equipment is specially used for cold assembly of train parts

The mechanical cold assembly equipment is applicable to the assembly of the interference fit parts which can be frozen for the contained parts (such as pin shaft, elastic support shaft) if the contained parts (such as planetary frame, torsion arm, etc.) cannot be heated or the heated parts will lead to the changes of the parts’ accuracy, material structure and affect their mechanical properties. Machine shaft mechanical cold assembly equipment is suitable for all kinds of hot working die, cold working die assembly, gear and shaft assembly of all kinds of gearbox, gear box, precise mechanical parts assembly, all kinds of motor stator, rotor assembly, automobile parts, engine parts.

When the hole parts are large or irregular in shape, and the pressed parts are small, and it is difficult to use the method of heating the hole parts, cold fitting can be used. The specific method is to cool the contained parts at low temperature, reduce their size, and then install them into the parts with holes.

The mechanical cold assembly equipment can improve the fine matrix structure, strengthen the matrix structure, enhance the dimensional stability, significantly improve the hardness, impact toughness and wear resistance, and effectively extend the service life of the workpiece through the deep cold processing of various cutting tools, cutting tools, molds, drills, refined mechanical parts, nozzles, gears and bearings.

The mechanical cold assembly equipment can transform a large number of residual austenite into martensite in the process of deep cold working, especially the supersaturated metastable martensite can reduce the supersaturation from – 150 ℃ to room temperature, precipitate the dispersed ultrafine carbide, which can reduce the lattice distortion and the micro stress of martensite, while the fine dispersed carbide can reduce the plastic deformation of material It can prevent dislocation movement and strengthen the matrix structure. At the same time, the ultra-fine carbide particles are evenly distributed on the martensite matrix after precipitation, which weakens the role of grain boundary embrittlement. The refinement of the matrix structure not only weakens the degree of segregation of impurity elements on the grain boundary, but also plays a role of grain boundary strengthening, thus improving the performance of the tool and die, making the hardness, impact toughness and wear resistance all improved Significantly improved.

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