Mobile phone touch screen capacitance screen ultra low temperature disassembling refrigerator

-10 ℃ ~ – 150 ℃ ultra-low temperature auto cascade refrigeration technology replaces liquid nitrogen, which is efficient and environmentally friendly.
The ultra-low temperature refrigeration unit adopts multi-element mixed refrigerant, environmental protection refrigerant and international advanced natural cascade refrigeration technology. In theory, it can make and link all kinds of matching evaporators to do cold source, so as to meet the needs of customers in different industries and different uses!

Ultra low temperature freezer, adjustable from – 45 ℃ to – 186 ℃, is mainly used in the development, design, manufacturing, processing, maintenance, recovery, renovation and other smart phones and tablet computers, such as Apple iPhone, Samsung, HTC, LG, etc. the low temperature freezing degumming of the LCD touch screen used by photoelectric enterprises, so as to separate the LCD screen from the TP or the cover plate, or separate the TP to disassemble, split, peel and peel The touch screen was renovated, and the LCD was reworked. Scope of application: on cell touch panel rework, in cell touch screen rework, G + G rework, G + FF rework, G + P splitting, rework, TP rework, LCD touch screen renovation, touch screen lamination defective product decomposition, LCD LCD LCD recycling and reuse, mobile phone touch screen rework, CTP rework, capacitor screen OCA lamination process is poor, cover plate lamination is poor, black spot is poor, screen is not good, bubble is not All kinds of tear off and rework of LCD screen.

Outstanding advantages: it can be used only by connecting the power supply, without other peripheral equipment, no wearing parts and consumables, safe and reliable, and low cost. The temperature will not be as sudden as liquid nitrogen, the screen will not explode, and there will be no hidden danger like liquid nitrogen. The use cost is much lower than liquid nitrogen, and it is much more convenient and safe. Apple, Samsung, HTC and other brand mobile phones, tablet computers, and other mobile electronic products / device screens/Screen maintenance, glass panel broken and bad touch separation capacitance touch screen debonding, very suitable for mobile phone lens separation, LCD debonding refrigerator, apple screen LCD debonding, mobile phone maintenance, screen processing and other industries. . low temperature environmental testing in materials, electronic appliances, automobiles, military industry and other fields.

Product features:
1. It has the limit of low temperature, liquid nitrogen terminator, as low as – 150 ℃, fully meeting the failure temperature of glue characteristics;
2. Up to 95% of the qualified rate of splitting, the splitting efficiency of nearly one thousand pieces per hour, no damage to the screen and cable arrangement after the splitting of the workpiece;
3. Low disassembly cost, perfect replacement of liquid nitrogen, cycle refrigeration; advanced auto cascade refrigeration technology and unique cold air circulation system and direct cooling system (optional), make the touch screen quickly, evenly and stably cool down, and achieve the goal of high efficiency and non damage separation.
4. The outer box body is made of high-quality cold-rolled plate by spraying plastic, with beautiful appearance. The inner tank is made of anti-corrosion embossed aluminum plate or stainless steel plate. The plate surface is smooth and clean, with good heat transfer effect, and is not easy to be corroded;
5. Super thick foam layer can effectively reduce the loss of cooling capacity, save energy and prolong the service life;
6. Single door or double door with top opening or side opening is adopted, which can be opened flexibly and conveniently;
7. Microcomputer control, digital temperature display, can adjust and check the temperature in the box without opening the door, beautiful, practical and generous;
8. Vertical with perfect alarm system (over temperature alarm and system fault alarm), to ensure the safe storage of goods in the box.
9. Box door, working room, high temperature resistant sealing strip and pressing device can effectively ensure the sealing of the box body;
10. The refrigeration system adopts the original fully enclosed compressor to ensure the stability of the high and low temperature test chamber at low temperature.
11. With over temperature protection and control circuit overload protection, short circuit protection, safe and reliable use.
12. Beautiful appearance on the grade, superior performance, a machine multi-purpose, super long quality assurance, quality assurance!

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