OCA screen separator refrigerator

With the growing development and growth of the mobile phone industry, the maintenance methods of mobile phones are also various, but they are always changing. In the final analysis, it is necessary to repair the mobile phones. The maintenance of mobile phones must be inseparable from the machine of removing the screen cover. There are a variety of separation devices in the market, which I will not introduce! Today, I’d like to tell you about the new refrigeration separator launched, commonly known as low-temperature screen removal machine. As the name implies, it is to make the OCA glue on the glass cover plate fail and separate the cover plate from the liquid crystal. It is simple and efficient, so what advantages does our low-temperature screen removal machine have? The following points are listed:

1. Without adding liquid nitrogen, it can be easily used when the indoor temperature of the compressor is less than or equal to 25 ℃ without adding liquid nitrogen. Moreover, the volume of this low-temperature screen removal machine is very small, so you can place it at will, even if your store or the position of the stall is small!

2. The price is quite advantageous. This kind of low-temperature split screen machine has – 130-155 degrees centigrade, the temperature is suitable, the price is also quite reasonable, we have the specialized technical personnel to give the customer the corresponding technical support!

3. The power of this low-temperature screen removal machine is only 1000W, with low noise and no power consumption. It can meet the needs of most series of mobile phone models {for example, Samsung curved surface is higher step by step, Sony Apple} here are some warm tips for customers. Don’t believe that any screen can be removed by low-temperature screen removal machine! This is based on the state of the screen and the situation of the glue!

4. The working area is suitable, the voltage is 220 V and 50 Hz, and 110 V low-temperature screen removal machine can be customized for foreign customers. The machines are all packed in wooden boxes and sent to professional logistics lines to ensure that the machine will not be damaged in the process of transportation!

After talking about the advantages, we also come to learn about the use of low-temperature screen remover, which can extend the service life of the compressor. Before freezing, remove the bracket from the middle frame, pay attention to the humidity control of backlight model, and keep the temperature of the working area. Before the first startup, the water on the cold plate must be wiped clean. After the machine is started up to the set temperature, things can be placed on the cold plate. The air outlet at the back of the temperature divider is 80cm away from the wall to ensure the full heat dissipation of the machine. In case of alarm or automatic shutdown, the machine must be shut down to improve the use environment. The radiator of the machine should be cleaned regularly {the dirty things in the condenser should be removed with a brush}

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