Precautions for bearing cold assembly process

The process of applying pressure on the Du surface of the inner ring end of the bearing to sleeve it to the bearing stop of the rotating shaft is called cold assembling process. The pressure equipment includes oil (or gas or screw) press, special sleeve, etc.
Before assembly, put some lubricating oil on the bearing block of the shaft, which will be helpful for the smooth assembly.
When using the hydraulic press for assembly, the position sensor or switch, over pressure sensor and other devices shall be set to ensure that the pressure is installed in place, and the pressure will be cancelled when it is in place, so as to prevent the bearing or shaft from being damaged by adding more pressure.

The special sleeve can be purchased from professional products or self-made. A section of seamless steel pipe with inner diameter slightly greater than the inner diameter of the bearing, thickness greater than the thickness of the inner ring of the bearing, and length greater than the distance from the outer end face of the bearing to the end face of the shaft extension can be used to polish the inner circle or add a softer sleeve, and one end is welded with an iron plate or plugged with an iron head; or the round steel can be directly milled into the shape required above.
Against the inner race of the bearing. Use a hammer to hit the top of the sleeve to push the bearing to a predetermined position. When striking, the direction of attention should always be kept coincident with the axis of the motor.

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