Precautions for cold assembly of stern tube bearing industrial refrigerator

Precautions for cold assembly of stern tube bearing industrial refrigerator

(1) Before installation, all parts shall be cleaned and cleaned without oil, water, sand and other sundries.

(2) When assembling the flange bolts between shafts, the flange shall be positioned with temporary bolts. The neck of the positioning bolt shall be 0.01-0.02MM loose according to the hole requirements, and there shall be no less than 3 along the circumference;

(3) During assembly, holes shall be spaced to prevent cold shrinkage between adjacent holes;

(4) Using the industrial refrigerator, the operator should take safety measures to prevent frostbite when touching the skin.

(5) In general, it is not allowed to strike hard with a large hammer during cold assembly;

(6) The cooling time is related to the size of the cooled parts, generally determined according to experience.

Advantages over other cold sources:

① The cold charging of industrial refrigerators can improve the production efficiency. It is easy to operate and high in efficiency.

② the assembly cost of cooling is 1 / 5 of the cost of liquid nitrogen and the cost of liquid nitrogen consumption is high.

③ the industrial refrigerators are used as the cold source. It is convenient to take the cold, refrigerate the equipment, store the liquid nitrogen, and transport it in a large application field

The low-temperature assembling machine for Hanna industrial refrigerator is applicable to the assembling of the interference fit parts which can be frozen for the contained parts (such as pin shaft, elastic support shaft) which are heated without force or the parts will change the accuracy, material structure and affect their mechanical properties. All kinds of hot working die and cold working die assembly, gear and shaft assembly of all kinds of gearboxes, precision mechanical parts assembly, all kinds of motor stator and rotor assembly, automobile parts and engine parts assembly, etc

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