Price selection factors of oil and gas recovery system in port terminal

The oil and gas recovery system of port terminal has been paid more and more attention in the aspects of oil depot, gas station and chemical plant. In the past, before the using of oil and gas recovery systems, these chemical plants, oil depot and other accidents often occurred fire and explosion accidents, because the gasoline was not properly stored, resulting in high oil and gas votalization density. Thus, the choice of oil and gas recovery system is very important.

The main application scope of the oil and gas recovery system at the port terminal is include hydrocarbon, such as gasoline, crude oil, fuel oil, kerosene, diesel oil, mixed hydrocarbon, etc. Aromatic, such as benzene, toluene, xylene, naphtha, etc. Alcohols, ethers, ketones, esters,etc.

The price of the oil and gas recovery system at the port terminal needs to be determined according to the specific conditions provided on site. Its price mainly includes tank bottom quick joint and cap, manual or pneumatic valve, elbow, seamless steel pipe. Seamless steel tubes through the bottom and top of the tank, or external pipeline connection systems. Elbow at the top of the tank, manual or pneumatic valves, rubber hose, parallel main pipe, elbow back into the tank, etc.

Port terminal oil and gas recovery systems require frequent maintenance after they are switched on to extend their service life and reduce costs. If it is not maintained, it will often breaks down,which increase its maintenance cost. Thus the maintenance is very important. Mainly do the following to maintain these recovery devices.

The dry cotton wipes should be used in the recovery system to keep the equipment clean. Oil guns and muzzles should be cleaned in time without dust and dirt. In order to avoid being inhaled by the automatic stop induction port, affecting the function of refueling or automatic stop. During refueling, the gasoline droplets may be inhaled by the recovery system and stored in the bend of the hose. Therefore, the hose should be straightened and refueled every 1-2 days, and the gasoline droplets will be sucked away by the natural adsorption force of the oil gun.

The controller of the recovery system should be cleaned regularly, and the screen should be cleaned with LCD cleaning cloth. Clean the appearance of the main engine of the oil and gas treatment system every week. Please cut off the power before cleaning. The equipment protective earthing resistance is not greater than 4Ω. in the case of malfunction of recovery system, please ask professional to repair it. It is forbidden for gas station staff to disassemble at will.

In addition, it is also important to have a dedicated after-sales team for the recovery system, so as to avoid problems that be solved later.

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