Significance of cryogenic treatment of metals

Metal cold treatment is to use the industrial refrigerator to cool down the metal surface. The industrial refrigerator is not corrosive, but it is easy to make molecules irregularly arranged at low temperature, resulting in the decline of toughness and strength. Low temperature cold treatment is the cryogenic processing of various cutting tools, cutting tools, molds, drill bits, precision mechanical parts, oil pump nozzles, gears and bearings by freezing processor, It can improve the fine matrix structure, strengthen the matrix structure, enhance the dimensional stability, significantly improve the hardness, impact toughness and wear resistance, and effectively extend the service life of the workpiece. The most common application purpose is to enhance the wear resistance and size stability of metal workpiece through cryogenic treatment, so as to make the cutting tools, cutting tools, dies, precision mechanical parts, nozzles, gears, bearings, etc The service life is increased several times.

The cryogenic treatment at – 196 ℃ can make the structure change obviously, effectively promote the transformation of retained austenite to martensite and the precipitation of Ultra-fine Carbides, so as to obtain better comprehensive mechanical properties of the products. The service life of the products after cryogenic treatment is more than four times longer than that of the conventional heat treatment, so it has very important application value.

High speed steel and cemented carbide cutting tools, cutting tools and measuring tools can improve the wear resistance and service life of nozzles, springs, gears and bearings, improve the service life of hot working dies and cold working dies and stabilize their dimensions

The performance of diamond products is improved, the size of assembly parts of precision machinery is stable, and the service life of mine geological bit and steel sheet is improved.

The cryogenic treatment of industrial refrigerator is a post heat treatment process in which the metal is treated at – 196 ℃ so that almost all the soft residual austenite can be transformed into high strength martensite, and the surface porosity and surface roughness can be reduced. When this process is completed, not only the surface, but also the strength, wear resistance and toughness of the whole metal can be increased The performance index is improved, so that the die and tool after several times of renovation still have high wear resistance and high strength, and the service life is doubled.

However, the life of knife and shear products without cryogenic treatment will be significantly reduced after renovation. Cryogenic treatment can not only be applied to knife and shear products, but also can be applied to the mold for making knife and shear products, which can also significantly improve the die life.

Application prospect of cryogenic treatment in manufacturing industry: in the process of mold manufacturing and production, the quality of mold directly affects the business status of enterprises. The use of cryogenic treatment technology can improve the service life of molds and increase the economic benefits of enterprises. Therefore, the low temperature modification technology has been applied in the mold industry and achieved good economic benefits, which has great practical value. Cryogenic treatment has a wide range of applications in aerospace, weapons, engineering machinery, roads and bridges, semiconductors, electrical appliances, computers and other fields.

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