The advantages of low temperature chillers

The low temperature chillers have the advantages of wide adjustment temperature range, high control accuracy, high efficiency, preeminent safety performance, high quality and wide application fields.

  • Wide adjustment temperature range:

Refrigeration temperature range from -150 degrees to -5 degrees. At the same time, the product has a variety of different temperature range models for customers to choose, including from -25 degrees to 5degrees, from -45 degrees to -10 degrees, from -60 degrees to -10 degrees, from -80 degrees to -30 degrees, from -115 degrees to -50 degrees and -150 degrees to -110 degrees, which can meet the needs of different cooling temperatures.

  • High control accuracy:

This equipment uses a full set of imported cold controls, includes DANFOSS pressure controller, balance valve, electronic expansion valve, solenoid valve, dry filter, check valve, Emerson oil separator, ALCO sight glass, Clemens PLC S7-200/300, LNEYA touch screen and so on, which can be fully automated.

  • High quality:

This product adopts imported brand semi-enclosed compressor, semi-enclosed piston two-stage compressor, semi-enclosed screw compressor, and is controlled with electronic expansion valve to ensure high efficiency and energy saving. The high force plate heat ex-changer with small volume and high efficiency is selected as the evaporator. The whole system is completely closed system, which will not absorb water in the process of low-temperature operation, so as to ensure the purity of thermal medium, prevent crystallization and improve the service life of thermal liquid. This product adopts twice under cooling technology, which can achieve rapid refrigeration and low refrigeration temperature and can be refrigerated to -120 degrees in three minutes.

  • Preeminent safety performance:

The equipment has high voltage protection, water break protection, over current protection, leakage protection, continuous and broken protection, high temperature protection, sensor failure, low liquid level alarm and other multiple safety protection. Among them, the common protection device is suction and exhaust pressure protection. The main function of a cryogenic compressor is perform compression between the intake and exhaust. When there is a problem with the suction and exhaust pressure, the lower temperature chiller will not be able to refrigeration normally. Therefore, the compressor as the core part of the low temperature chiller must be installed with suction and exhaust pressure protection to avoid problems. At the same time, the device has the functions of temperature curve display, temperature recording and fault alarm recording. After the complete installation of each refrigerator in the factory, a load test should be conducted for no less than 12 hours to ensure its normal operation.

  • High quality:

There are some residual gases in the high vacuum environment with diffusion pump. More than 80 percent of it is water vapor, oil vapor and other high boiling point steam. The ability of diffusion pump to remove residual residual gas is low, and these residual gas will pollute the work-piece, so the quality and output of the product will be affected. However, the low temperature chiller can solve this problem. In the low temperature chiller, a refrigerating coil that can be cooled below -120 degrees is placed in a vacuum chamber or at the orifice of diffusion pump. Through the low temperature condensation effect on its surface, the residual gas in the vacuum system can be quickly captured and the time of vacuumize can be shortened by 60%~90%, so as to obtain a clean vacuum environment.

  • Wide application fields:

The equipment can be used in the low temperature reaction of petrochemical, medical, pharmaceutical, biochemical, freeze-dried, pharmaceutical, military and other high-tech industries.

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