The application of cold assembly technology of industrial freezer in machine assembly

With its unique advantages, the cold packaging technology of industrial freezers has been widely used in machine assembly. The cold assembly of industrial freezer is generally used for the case that the material of the containing part and the contained part is different, the mechanical property is different, the hardness of the material is quite different, and the press assembly under normal conditions will cause the interference required by the soft part of the material to be cut by the hardware part of the material, thus losing the compression force. Industrial freezer cold assembly is especially suitable for non-ferrous metal parts and thin-walled parts. For example, industrial freezer cold assembly is used for cast bronze bearing bush, which not only ensures the assembly quality easily, but also improves the metallographic structure of metal materials at low temperature, so that the wear resistance of bearing bush is enhanced and the service life is prolonged.

The principle of cold charging of industrial freezer
In the process of machine assembly, the cold assembly of industrial freezer refers to the use of the property that the linear expansion of metal parts materials causes dimensional shrinkage under low temperature conditions. For the connectors with interference fit, the contained parts are placed in the cooling medium to shrink their dimensions, so that the original interference connection form is transformed into the gap connection form for assembly. After the normal state is restored, the contained parts can fit firmly in the contained parts, so as to meet the given assembly technical requirements.

The cold charging process of industrial freezer is just the opposite of the hot charging process. The suitable metal materials are widely used, which are suitable for most low-carbon steel parts, alloy steel parts and non-ferrous parts. Low temperature treatment of industrial freezer can also improve the metallographic structure and wear resistance of metal. When the industrial freezer is cold installed, the cooling part is the contained part, so the use of equipment and tools is simple, and the floor area is small, especially suitable for fitting small size parts to large parts. The cooling medium is easy to obtain, the advantage of which is that it can avoid drawing or cutting the thickness of interference layer on the mating contact surface when pressing directly, and the positioning is reliable.

To sum up, the cold assembly technology of industrial freezer plays an important role in machine assembly with its unique advantages.

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