The application range of industrial cryogenic freezer

The temperature control range of the industrial cryogenic freezer is from -10 temperatures to -150 temperatures, so it can be used in industrial cold treatment, ultra-low temperature testing and pharmaceutical industry.

  • Cold assembly refrigerator

The equipment can be used in the assembly of various precision mechanical parts and has many advantages in the application of industrial cryogenic treatment.

Cryogenic assembly is an assembly method that makes use of refrigerating medium to cool the parts that need to be loaded into the base hole first, so as to shrink the external dimension of the parts and lead to assembly gap, so that the parts can be assembled easily. This assembly method is not limited by the shape and size of the work-piece, and can assemble all kinds pf work-piece. At the same time, cooling the parts can ensure the dimensional accuracy and enhance the dimensional stability.

The ultra-low temperature treatment equipment is used the degree of super-cooling to increase the driving force of marten-site transformation. The lower temperature, the more complete transition from residual austenite to marten-site. In addition, cryogenic treatment can promote the precipitation of ultra-fine carbide from marten-site. The quantity and degree of diffusion are obviously greater than that of the work-piece without cryogenic treatment. There dispersed carbides precipitated from marten-site can improve the compressive strength, impact toughness, wear resistance, tribological properties and hardness of the work-piece. At the same time, the effect of cryogenic treatment on the work-piece is not limited to the surface. Therefore, the improved effect will not disappear after the work-piece is reground and reused.

The technology of cryogenic treatment is simple and low power consumption. The operation mode of the equipment is also very simple. It can met the requirements of cold treatment by setting the procedure of temperature rise and drop. The equipment has safe and environmental protection cryogenic treatment technology, which without environmental pollution. It is an ideal product which is able to replace liquid nitrogen.

  • Ultra-low temperature test

The equipment can be used in the ultra-low temperature test of large equipment such as automobile, large engineering machinery, aircraft pats, aerospace equipment parts, military equipment parts and so on.

  • Medical refrigerator

The temperature control range from -20 degrees to -50 degrees low temperature preservation cabinet can be used for the storage of plasma, biological materials, vaccines, reagents and so on. The temperature control range from -50 degrees to -100 degrees low temperature preservation cabinet can be used to preserve placenta, stem cells, bone marrow, biological samples and so on. This product has the advantage of high energy saving, environmental protection, flame retardant and low maintenance cost for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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