The brief introduction of the ultra-low temperature chamber

The ultra-low temperature chamber has the advantages of humanized design and simple operation. The temperature will be displayed digitally on the seven-inch colour touch screen. 

This product uses French Tecumseh compressor, German Bock compressor and Bitzer compressor, and adopts the technology of automatic super-cooling. The method of slow heating and cooling should be adopted when the work-piece is cryogenic in the freezing assembly box. If the work-piece is directly immersed into the freezing assembly box, the cooling speed will be faster due to the sudden drop in temperature, which is likely to cause the significant difference in the cooling temperature of each part of the work-piece to be processed. The internal and external cooling speed of the work-piece is inconsistent, and the internal cooling speed is obviously faster than the external cooling speed. If the temperature difference between inside and outside of the work-piece increase, the internal stress and volume difference will be generated accordingly. The piece with poor plasticity will be deformed and cracked. Therefore, the work-piece cooling speed can not be too fast, must strictly control the temperature rise and decline speed. Nevertheless, precise temperature adjustment can be achieved through microcomputer control. The unit of temperature regulation is accurate to 0.1degree in the temperature control range from -150 degrees to -10 degrees.

The product has the large condensation design to ensure the environmental cooling effect of the workshop. It also has the large plot ratio design and the large capacity bearing capacity design and the maximum bearing capacity is 650KG. The designed load capacity is twice that of the standard, but when the actual work-piece weight is greater than the standard load, the cooling rate will be reduced.

The ultra-low temperature chamber has perfect safety protection measures. The equipment has a variety of fault alarms. For example, excessive temperature alarm, sensor alarm, high pressure alarm, compressor overheating alarm and so on. There fault alerts are displayed and prompted on the touch screen. The equipment has the self-diagnosis function, the phase sequence break phase protection, the leakage protector, the freezer overload protection, the high and low pressure switch, the overload relay, the thermal protection device, the independent temperature limit high temperature protection, the sensor fault protection and other security functions. All parts of the product have good earthing performance.

The equipment has strong sealed and good thermal insulation performance. It adopts three layers of sealing, mould type thermal insulation layer, ultra-thick PU foam insulation layer and built-in vacuum insulation board.

Customers are free to customize the non-standard size. Our company can produce ultra-low temperature chamber with temperature within -100 degrees and volume with 100 cubic meters. PLC controller, color touch screen, temperature recorder and other equipment can also be freely selected by customers.

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