The differences between industrial Freezer and household refrigerator

When many people talk about the industrial freezer, the first reaction is the household refrigerator. In fact, they are also different. Next, we compare their differences through several aspects.

1.Temperature range:
According to the national standard, the refrigeration temperature of household refrigerators is generally – 18 ℃. The temperature range of industrial freezer is – 10 ~ – 150 ℃.

Household refrigerators are used to keep fresh and refrigerate food, while industrial freezers are suitable for blood stations, hospitals, health and epidemic prevention systems, scientific research institutes, electronic industry, chemical medicine, bioengineering, higher laboratories, military enterprises, etc.

According to the national standard, the power of household refrigerators is basically about 90 ~ 200W, and the power consumption is relatively low. However, industrial freezers are not the same. The required low temperature is relatively low, so the power consumption is relatively high, and the power consumption is about 5.5 ~ 30kW.

4.Cooling medium:
Because the required temperature of industrial freezers is relatively low, the refrigerants in different temperature ranges are different. R404A, R23 or R14 are generally used, but household refrigerators are relatively single, using R-600a.

5.Compressor of refrigeration system:
The refrigeration of household refrigerator is a principle of heat pump, which is to use mechanical energy to heat the refrigerator from a place inside the refrigerator, and the heat is dissipated outside the refrigerator. The compressor sucks the refrigerant gas with low temperature and pressure into the cylinder. After compression by the compressor, the refrigerant gas with high temperature and pressure will be exchanged with the environment with low temperature. The temperature will be reduced and condensed into liquid. The liquid will be throttled by the capillary tube and enter the evaporator after the pressure is reduced. After vaporization, the refrigerant gas will be absorbed back into the compressor and compressed again. Such a cycle, constantly mysterious, so that the temperature in the cabinet decreased.
The temperature required for industrial freezers is relatively low, so a compressor cannot meet the temperature requirements. Generally, two or more compressors are required to work at the same time. The professional name is “cascade refrigeration”, that is, self cascade refrigeration technology. Add a variety of refrigeration media, through the complex way of self overlapping refrigeration, so that the refrigeration effect is better, the noise is smaller, and the maintenance is more convenient.

6.Materials used:
When using accessories, because the temperature of the industrial freezers to be removed is relatively low, the plastic is not suitable to exist at low temperature. The low temperature resistance of the plastic material is poor, and it becomes brittle at low temperature, and the toughness is also poor. Because it will become brittle, stainless steel is generally used as the main part, with small thermal deformation and small shrinkage at low temperature, which is not easy to deform.

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