The hazards of low-concentration refrigerants

The refrigerant in industrial cryogenic refrigerators is the blood of compressor. The purity of refrigerant is particularly important for industrial cryogenic refrigerators. The high purity refrigerant has obvious refrigeration effect, fast temperature drop and large cooling capacity. Low purity refrigerants not only fail to achieve the desired temperature, but also damage the compressor.

When debugging industrial cryogenic refrigerators, refrigerants should be checked if the refrigeration capacity of the system is obviously insufficient and no other abnormalities are found after inspection; Or the drying filter or expansion valve of industrial cryogenic refrigerator system is blocked, and the blockage is a tan wax or black oily sludge foreign body; Or abnormal high or low pressure or temperature occurs during the system operation, or abnormal balance pressure occurs when the system is shut down.

When low-concentration refrigerants are used in industrial cryogenic refrigerators, their high moisture and acidity will corrode the piping system inside the compressor. This will cause the industrial cryogenic refrigerator compressor internal blocking, shorten the service life of the compressor. On the other hand, industrial cryogenic refrigerators using low-concentration refrigerants are prone to leakage, the compressor is always idle, the operating temperature is high and the parts wear out, which will also shorten the service life if the compressor. At the same time, it will increase the operating load of the compressor, increase the consumption of electric energy, increase expenditure, poor refrigeration effect, frequent problems.

The inferior refrigerant will affect the operation performance and stability of industrial cryogenic refrigerator system, and more seriously will cause the damage of industrial cryogenic refrigerator system components and compressors. It is necessary to pay attention to whether to purchase refrigerant produced by regular manufacturers through regular channels. If the price is significantly lower than the market price of the refrigerant, should be high degree of vigilant.

Once the use of poor quality refrigerant is found, it is recommended to replace in time to avoid compressor and industrial cryogenic refrigerator system failure after a long time of use.

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