The latest research trend of industrial cold treatment

At present, the research of cryogenic treatment technology has broken through the field of ferrous metals, and great achievements have been made in non-ferrous metals and powder metallurgy products. Cryogenic treatment is gradually combined with other processes and equipment, and its application scope is expanding day by day, and the prospect is broad.

Cryogenic treatment is mainly to change the microstructure of materials, so as to improve their comprehensive properties and give full play to the potential of materials. The transformation mechanism needs to be further explored. The amount and role of retained austenite in the microstructure is the main direction of cryogenic treatment at present.

The main principle and function of cryogenic treatment have been recognized by people now, but its application still has great limitations. The reason lies in the serious lag of cryogenic treatment equipment. Therefore, our main research direction is to develop corresponding cryogenic treatment equipment, so that the process can be applied to practice. At the same time, the comprehensive utilization of cryogenic treatment process and other processes and equipment should be expanded, so as to improve the product performance and greatly increase the service life.

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