Ultra low temperature treatment of tools and dies

1. Application of ultra-low temperature treatment on turning tool

When turning the outer diameter of ferrule on the hydraulic Multi Tool semi-automatic lathe, the mechanical clamping indexable tool is used. After the cemented carbide blade is treated at – 180 ℃, it is used on the mechanical clamping indexable tool. The contrast test is made with the ordinary tool with the blade without ultra-low temperature treatment. The test results show that the average life of the former is 2.28 times of that of the latter, while the average life of the welding tool used in turning inner diameter process is increased by 46% after ultra-low temperature treatment.

2. Application of ultra-low temperature treatment in cold heading die of steel ball

In order to improve the service life of cemented carbide cold die for cold steel ball, ultra-low temperature treatment is adopted, and its service life can be increased nearly twice as much as that of common cold heading die.

3. Application of ultra-low temperature treatment in hot forging punch

During the hot stamping process of ferrule die, the die consumption is very large, especially the punch made of 3Cr2W8V Steel after quenching and tempering often breaks. For this reason, the punch is treated with ultra-low temperature, and then compared with ordinary punch. Although the initial test, the batch size is not large, but the initial results have been achieved. The service life of punch after ultra-low temperature treatment is 1.03 times longer than that of ordinary punch.

The emerging ultra-low temperature treatment technology is a good method to tap the potential of metal materials. If it can be popularized and applied in the bearing industry, it will not only improve the service life of tools, but also improve the life of precision bearings. It will certainly receive huge economic and social benefits in the socialist economic construction

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