cold treament

After quenching at the most appropriate temperature, the tool should be cooled to the temperature of the surrounding medium before cold treatment. In order to obtain the best effect of cold treatment, the following conditions must be observed: for high speed steel, the time interval between complete cooling to room temperature after quenching and before… Read more cold treament

Application effect of cryogenic process

Application effect of cryogenic process 1. Effect of different cryogenic treatment processes on retained austenite in w6cr5mo4v2co steel (volume percent) In the process of cryogenic treatment, a large amount of retained austenite transforms into martensite, especially the supersaturated metastable martensite will decrease the supersaturation during the process from – 196 ° C to room temperature,… Read more Application effect of cryogenic process

Mechanism of cryogenic treatment

2) Mechanism of cryogenic treatment The quenching process of steel is the process of obtaining martensite, but quenching can not make all austenite in steel transform into quenching structure. After heat treatment of various steels, some austenite remains. The residual amount varies with the steel type and heating temperature, and there is a certain amount… Read more Mechanism of cryogenic treatment